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Garage Door Repair Safety Tips Vallejo

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Read our Garage Doors Safety tips when servicing your own garage door!

Every time we install or service garage doors in Vallejo, they glide up and down with such ease that you may fail to realize the powerful force it takes to make this take place. A properly functioning garage door will open and close in a process so smooth that you may think that there is little risk in attempting your own repairs. Our Vallejo Garage Door Repair is giving you some garage door safety tips that should help you make better repair decisions. No matter your age, repairing a garage door can become a dangerous job.

Because the garage door springs are under high stress it is not an area for children to play. Put simply, children should not stand under or near a garage door. This is especially important if a garage door is open or moving. Remember that garage doors are not toys so keep children away from the garage door. Never attempt to race under a moving garage door. Also, stand away from a moving garage door.

Your first and probably most important rule is do not attempt to adjust or replace your garage door springs or cables yourself. Both of them are under very high tension that could cause a very serious injury if they are not properly handled. If you find them broken or out of adjustment you should call one of our certified Valuemax Vallejo Garage Repair technicians at 1-707-331-1099 or toll-free at (866)575-9050 to handle this repair.

The bolts on the lower brackets of your garage door hold the garage door springs in place. Remember that these springs are under extreme tension that could result in serious injury if they are improperly loosened. The simple rule is to be very careful if you attempt to fix loose or broken bolts. Call Valuemax Garage Door Repair Vallejo to safely remedy this situation.

We are giving you a checklist for you to make monthly inspections so use it. At the same time you can lubricate bolts, hinges, and rollers to keep them in good working order. Remember that it is wise to call a Valuemax technician for periodic maintenance.

During your inspections, if you observe something that requires more than routine maintenance it is time to call your Valuemax Garage Door technician. Your Vallejo Garage Door Repair technician is waiting for your call at 1-707-331-1099 or toll-free at (866)575-9050.

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