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When it comes to garage door repair it should not be considered a do it yourself kind of project. Please understand that it should be left to professionals unless it involves lubricating hinges and rollers. Many homeowners can handle their own garage door maintenance themselves. However, when it comes to garage door repair it should be left to professionals. There are several common sense reasons for this. Here are a few:

  • Weight Garage doors can be very heavy. If a garage door shifts while attempting to make a repair, it can cause you injury and also do major damage to the garage door itself.

  • Complexity of repairs When a garage door malfunctions it can be caused by not just one, but a series of malfunctions. Fixing one problem may not remedy your problem, and it may be causing you additional problems or a problem that will soon come back. Realize that there are many factors involved in a properly working garage door.

  • Springs and cables There is a simple rule to follow when repairing garage door springs and cables. The rule is to leave it to Valuemax professionals. Garage door springs and cables are under tremendous tension. This is a stored force that when it is released it can cause very serious injury.

  • Emergency room visits From across the United States it is estimated that 30,000 people have attempted to repair their garage door themselves and have ended up in hospital emergency rooms. Don't you add your name to this list. Use a Valuemax garage door technician when necessary. The weight of a garage door and the tension in a garage door spring should tell you to leave the repairs to our professional technicians.

After reading these comments you should arrive at the conclusion that it is wise to use Valuemax Garage Door Repair Vallejo to handle your garage door repairs. Our technicians can quickly access your problem, and usually fix it on the spot. It is the safe way and assures you that your garage door is working properly. Call us at 1-707-331-1099 or toll-free at (866)575-9050 to handle your repair. We also have nearby stores in Vacaville, Fairfield, Dixon, Benicia, and Marin County.

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